Toth debuts with music video ‘Neverland’
Posted on 06/22/2019 @ 1:26 pm | 212 views

Based on the union of concept, image and music, the São Paulo quartet Toth makes his debut with the music video for the single “Neverland”. “It’s an extremely important song because it’s Toth’s ‘business card’, it’s a song surrounded by heavy and modern arrangements, as we are concerned about sounding current, without losing the essence of rock / metal, we put electronic beats, riffs striking, solo, and ‘Neverland’ sums up our musical personality well, “explains vocalist Demmoha.

The lyrics to “Neverland” deal with the transition from young to early adulthood. “It is the stage where responsibilities begin to weigh down and the time to do what we like becomes smaller. In modern times, many people are experiencing a great deal of difficulty in this transition, so I make analogies with the Peter Pan story, the “It’s a reflection of my soul and basically it’s me saying that I’ve been through it and I identify with the people who are living in those moments.These are very personal lyrics,” reveals guitarist Dr Oblivium.
The clip, directed by Júlio César Dalecio, portrays the saudosismo of a childhood. “The video, in which the actor is a pupil of my battery, Yan Zahran, tries to make that innocence, in a way, never disappear,” says Dr. Oblivium, who, in addition to the guitar, also teaches drums.
“Neverland”, which will be included in the EP “Rise of the Gods”, scheduled to be released in August, was recorded at Loud Factory (SP), produced by vocalist Demmoha, guitarist Dr. Oblivium and producers Wagner Meirinho and Tiago Assolini. Already the electronic arrangements were on behalf of Marcelo Santanna, Aquahertz.
Created in early 2018, Toth follows a visual / aesthetic concept based on Egyptian gods. Theatricality is a fundamental part of the band, and the use of masks refers to four gods: Toth, Sobek, Anubis and Horus, “reports bassist Atef. “Toth is the Egyptian god of wisdom, who is the great compass to guide us in the mazes of life.Toth is to be in direct contact with every deep feeling and to know how to understand it.It is to get in touch with our hidden alterego, Above all, to be Toth is to know that you are not alone and you do not have to go through hell without help, “concludes Dr. Oblivium.

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