The 5 senses of Toth

According to Tuan, music is a strong emotional experience, much more than the plastic arts, because no one can close their ears as one can with their eyes. It is this experience and experience of the new that Toth brings. Each of its representatives, even with powers beyond comprehension, seek to sharpen the perception of the senses of the public. Each sense is able to complement the other, creating an interrelationship with unique characteristics, that is, the interaction.

Music is heard, felt, possessed of taste, must be breathed deeply and have an explosion of colors that will raise the soul of those who participate in this musical immersion. Toth, through the five senses, thinks of the audience individually. For music can and should be participatory and social, but its character is still personal. Each one has a sensorial perception in distinguishing tastes, sensations, attitudes, aromas and situations in a different way. Toth thinks of music as a true expectation, which will bring experience and keep in the memory of those who hear true satisfaction.

It leads on a true journey to each other’s past, stimulating them to remember their best, reaching into the present and traveling to the future to want more. For Toth members know that seeing, feeling, hearing, touching and speaking creates the unusual, stimulates perception, making each person sensitive to where they are. Absorbing all the energies of the elements that make a show, something more than pleasant, a true devotion to life!

And who is Toth?

Its members are part of time and space. They are unique and dialogue in a single language, the true and universal: music! It is not restricted to regions or to this planet, it is as it is said, of the universe. The song is true, because it touches the feeling, brings joy, all that is hidden within each one. And above all, it unites. Therefore, who are its members, it does not matter, because who does the show, is the public. There on stage, they are only tools of this devotion!

Our differential

The idea of ​​Toth is not to be marked by the name of its members, but by the Gods that it represents. In this way it creates a greater bond with the public, especially those who are already accustomed to the culture of ancient Egypt. In addition, all the air of mystery around who is under the mask, creates expectation in one day to know their “secret identities”. Remembering that the Gods themselves never appeared in their true versions